Church Risk Assessment for Partial Reopening

Risk Assessment for Reynard Way Evangelical Church in light of returning to limited services as of 5/7/20.

Conducted by Paul Milner and Peter Scurr on 4/7/20

Numbers attending and Crowd management.

  • We have limited the number of attendees to 30 or less (inclusive of those who need to attend – preacher, musicians, technical support etc) and determined attendance by emailing those that can legitimately attend to indicate their preference.
  • We have strongly suggested staggered arrivals beginning up to half an hour before the start of the service and requested that people observe the social distancing etiquette if left waiting to enter the church. Chalk is available to mark the floor and assist people if distancing becomes an issue.
  • We have placed chairs spaced at 2m intervals in the main hall and only permitted further access in the building to the corridor, foyer and toilets.
  • Prompt departure has been encouraged although this will be conducted in an organised way allowing each person/family time to leave the building before another moves to leave also.
  • For those seeking further fellowship – making time to hold an online meeting from home after the service if members/ attendees want to chat further has been suggested.

Cleaning and hygiene

  • Anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitiser and surface cleaners have all been laid out in multiple locations and are readily available to use.
  • The toilets, taps, sinks, door handles/push plates and other surfaces have already been cleaned and will be again after the service. People have been encouraged to use their facilities at home and avoid using the toilets if they can.
  • A corridor ‘monitor’ will be stationed with a view of the foyer and corridor to assist in reminders about social distancing and for anyone with questions or uncertainties.
  • Used chairs will be removed, wiped down and swapped for 30 fresh chairs in readiness for the next service.
  • Doors (except for toilets) will be propped open around the building to minimise the touching of handles and push plates.
  • In the event of someone needing medical attention / first aid in the course of the service PPE is available and we have a qualified first aider available – Lesley Duke.
  • Several windows will be open during the service to increase ventilation.



  • People have been told to bring their own bibles and hymn books if they have them although hymns will be projected onto the screen.
  • A solo singer will be in place to assist worship with hymns although they will be behind a Perspex screen.
  • A register will be taken of attendees to assist with track and trace should it become necessary.
  • No offering will be taken and no money handled.
  • No child care will be available either though a crèche or Sunday school session
  • No teas and coffees will be provided after the service.
  • The service will be ‘live-streamed’ on the internet for all members/ worshippers who choose to or need to stay at home.